Latest news| c130 plane crash At highway 21

Breaking News c130 plane crash at highway 21 and abc Confirmed that 9 people were on board the c-130 that crashed, at least 5 are confirmed dead.

The C130 is military plane they crashed on gulfstream road.

The plane went down at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday at the intersection of Hwy. 21 and Gulfstream Rd. The area has been shutdown as emergency crews work the scene. Original reports said five people were on board the military plane.

Ambulances at c130 plane crash

Chatham County emergency officials are responding to an airplane crash near Highway 21 and Crossgate Road that occurred late Wednesday morning.

Officials have confirmed it involved a C-130 aircraft from the Puerto Rico Air National Guard. There were five people on board. The area is closed to traffic and 1 are advised to seek an alternate route.

A spokesperson for the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport said the crash occurred off-site but is impacting some airport operations. They advise contacting your airline for further details.

Emergency services rushed to the scene after the US National Guard cargo plane – a C-130 – came down reported with five people on board in Savannah, Georgia.

Firefighters and ambulance crews were called as the aircraft’s wreck became an inferno at the intersection.

C130 plane crash

It is understood the plane was heading for Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona

People were urged to avoid the area while emergency crew. Deal with the incident.

The plane was more than 60 years old, Isabelo Rivera, Adjutant General of Puerto Rico’s National Guard, said.

Belonging to the 156th Air Wing, it was used to rescue U.S. citizens stranded in the British Virgin Islands following Hurricane Irma and ferry supplies to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria last year.

All nine crew members aboard the plane Wednesday had helped with hurricane recovery efforts, Rivera said.

A WC-130 is a weather reconnaissance aircraft used by the Air Force and Air National Guard. Typically an Air Force plane like this has a crew of five, with room for dozens of passengers or cargo.

In the past month, eight U.S. military non-combat aviation crashes have killed at least 12 service members. Top Marine Corps and Navy officers at the Pentagon on Wednesday said budget cuts over the past decade were partially to blame for the spate of training crashes.

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